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Meet the Founder

Matt Allner started developing the framework for Leadership & Legacy LLC in 2014 in response to several growing concerns he saw in society, particularly with the family component and with youth all throughout the world and at home here in the United States.  Since officially establishing the company in 2015 Matt has seen it grow steadily having provided leadership training for the Boys & Girls Club, for numerous high schools in the Colorado Springs area, and the Salesian Sisters Young Adult Ministry group.  He has had consulting contracts with the YMCA to develop and grow their youth sports program, has been the leader of a Men's Ministry Program at his Church by the name of That Man Is You, has been an national level keynote speaker, has worked with various ministry programs within the Colorado Springs Catholic Diocese, and continues to work extensively with school districts across the US to improve the overall school environment from the athletic arena to the classroom.  Matt was also invited to attend a leadership summit at the Vatican in Rome, Italy in November of 2017 and has been a host on the Fiat Ministry Network and on Colorado Springs Catholic Diocese Bishop Michael Sheridan's radio show where he spoke to the Bishop about the teen suicide crisis in Colorado Springs and his experience on the topic while working as a public educator.


All of the work he has done for the majority of these organizations has been voluntary and free of charge, as he has seen that the most vulnerable and neglected of our nation's youth are involved with youth organizations with very limited budgets but who so desperately need the services he and his team can provide.  Shortly after starting Leadership & Legacy, and seeing the need for services but the lack of financial resources to compensate him, he decided to humble himself and stepped out of a 17 year career in education and went back to a trade he learned from his father and starting a small family owned painting business in the Colorado Springs area called Allner & Son Painting LLC.  From the proceeds of this business effort, he tithes more than 10% of his total profit annually and builds a savings account by which he can volunteer his time, resources, and expertise free of charge to those who need and want it most.  Matt and his team have a true heart for youth, and after seeing the three year effort and successes of Leadership & Legacy LLC, he decided to fully engage in this effort, starting another business as a financial platform by which to raise money to continue providing more free services to their ongoing client base, while seeking out more new clientele. To learn more about his recently launched non-profit, Patriots 4 Life Inc., or to donate directly to support his mission, click on the link below.  More than asking for donations, Matt and his network would rather like more active and engaged followers.  But for many time is an issue, and so donations of support are much appreciated and incredibly helpful.





Today Matt finds himself networking with more and more organizations who are making similar efforts to his.  Through a continued effort to network with others in the communities he has traveled to, Matt and his support network find their efforts slowly and steadily building in states such as California, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa. He and his network travel annually throughout the United States and Internationally to speak to church groups, schools, and youth sports organizations as they carry out their ministry work.  


With regards to Matt's passion and talents, he is both an enthusiastic and powerful speaker and consultant with a diverse background of both professional and life experiences that will have you reflecting on not only about what matters in life, but will help you discover discernment and to hear God’s call for your discipleship. With the world at such a critical turning point—national and personal debt at an all time high, social pressures and competition in school and in sports higher than they have ever been before for our youth, the multitude of external factors chiseling away at marriages and family dynamics, and with the very real spiritual battle for our souls that is waging, Matt will help you see why there is no better time than now to address these issues with positive and realistic solutions as he sheds a very simple light on how we all can protect our relationships and our children by staying the course on what matters most---loving and serving God. From athletics to public education, marriage to fatherhood, science researcher to entrepreneur, Matt will connect with audiences of all ages in ways that will leave you wanting to hear more and desiring to build a stronger relationship with and serve God more than you ever have before.  To book Matt for an upcoming speaking event, select the contact tab at the top and send us an email with your request.

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Recorded during mass at St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, Italy (November 2017)

Founder Matt Allner Encourages Discernment and Discipleship

The Vision of Leadership & Legacy

Our goal at Leadership & Legacy is to provide effective solutions to help people work together better in a healthy, positive, and productive manner.

Our motivational speaking and consulting style uses strong Christian principles and values to develop motivational platforms, individual and team coaching, and training structures tailored specifically to the needs of your group or organization in order to ensure you achieve the success you are striving for.

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Founder Matt Allner at a Leadership Summit at the Vatican in Rome, Italy  (November 2017)

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"If one is to do good, he must have a little courage, be ready for sacrifice, deal affably with all and never slight anybody.  By following this method I have always had significant success, in fact, marvelous success."

St. Don Bosco (Patron Saint and Protector of Youth)