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Stressed About Going Into Businesses Who Adhere to Mask Mandates?
Do you feel anxiety before going into a store, a doctor's office, a school, etc. either knowing or not knowing whether you will be greeted walking in the door with the all to familiar "Sir/Mam, you need to have a mask on"?  Are you a business owner, feeling pressure from both the State as well as customers who may complain or just quietly and cowardly report you for not forcing workers and/or customers to wear a mask?  Well, you're not alone.  If you're wanting to respect people's freedoms and allow them to decide whether they want or feel they need to wear a mask, then we have some advice that may be able to help you out a little.  Customers, if you notice a sign on the door or window near the door as you enter that says something to the effect of "Mask Required:  Per State Order" you have an avenue by which you can choose to exercise your freedoms.  Civil liberties and rights protect many of our freedoms, two of which pertain heavily to this situation -- medical and religious.  With medical, if you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, then by law you cannot be refused service.  And HIPPA clearly states you cannot be asked to present proof of this so at that point the debate is over and now if the business keeps pushing then there is evidence to support a law suit on your behalf.  I wouldn't encourage you to lie here, but just know if you have a medical condition then you are not breaking any laws or rules.  
On the religious side of the coin, your religious beliefs are protected under the First Amendment of the United States.  That being said, those rights cannot be infringed upon simply because a business owner or corporate entity decides to create a rule(s) that are unconstitutional and go against our laws.  While I don't know the specific details of many religions, as I Christian I do know that you have a religious exemption here because of the simple fact that Jesus said in the bible more times than any other thing he said to us to not be "afraid".  He said not to be anxious about anything (    ); not to be afraid (    ); and to not have fear (    ).  If this is your religious belief -- that you refuse to be afraid of the virus, or that you refuse to be afraid of the persecutions that could come from pushing back and refusing to wear a mask, then you can't be legally bound to a mask rule by an owner.  If legal charges, citations, or an arrest comes from this, even after stating your religious exemption, then you have been discriminated against and your civil liberties (your religious liberties) have been violated and you can file a law suit.  If you have been lead to believe in the last year there is nothing you can do about it, then you have fallen victim to same consensus indoctrination we've all been listening to and which many Americans have been trusting and believing.  At times we may feel like we don't have many options in a stressful situation, but remember the worse option we can ever take is to do nothing.  You can always do something about, and you need to.  We all do!