What is the competitive edge today?  Is it a superior product or performance?  Low costs and high profit margins?  Exceptional customer service?  A sincere and vested interest in all employees?  Are you surviving as an organization but just not improving and showing growth in the way you believe you should?  At Leadership and Legacy, LLC we want to help you reach your goals while leaving a positive legacy for the future.  Click below to read more . . .



Leadership & Legacy is dedicated and committed to you as a leader and the organizational leaders and infrastructure you are working to improve.  While we combine several different leadership philosophies that have withstood the test of time, we strive to be different by using strong Christian principles to address complex problems and situations with an approach that is simple and makes sense.  Click below to read more . . .


How you design and layout the framework and protocol of how your organizational infrastructure will function impacts the work place in more ways than we sometimes take time to really understand.  Through a progressive training structure you will get a better pulse on how to manage the key components affecting cohesiveness and synergy in the workplace.  Click below to read more . . .

"Making the world a better place, means putting the needs of real people above the desire for maximum profits.  A healthy economy and lively businesses are essential, but they must grow along with the entire population."


Our goal at Leadership & Legacy is to provide effective solutions to help people work together better in a healthy, positive, and productive manner.

Our motivational speaking and consulting style uses strong Christian principles and values to develop motivational platforms, individual and team coaching, and training structures tailored specifically to the needs of your group or organization in order to ensure you achieve the success you are striving for.

Let us put our skills to work for you today!

Leadership & Legacy


Protecting the foundation that allows individuals to reach their full potential


Pope Francis

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