Leadership & Legacy is a Limited Liability Company that strives to strengthen individuals and leadership infrastructures along the lines of four primary pillars:  small businesses, churches, education, and youth sports & youth organizations.  We are a national conglomerate of dedicated Patriots from all sectors of American society—military special operators and law enforcement; public educators and school administrators; small business owners; church leaders; and elite athletes and sports leaders. We have naturally come together in response to the moral and ethical breakdown that is so clearly evident in our society. This breakdown has fractured many aspects of our nation that once saw our foundation and pillars as strong and cohesive. In response to this we have made our overarching goal to restore, retain, and protect American values, traditions, and freedoms through outreach, education, and service to our nation’s most attacked and neglected—it’s youth. Research has clearly and undeniably shown that a very deliberate effort was put in place back in the 1960s to attack our nation in a very different way—through a generation of youth and young adults who would eventually become leaders in all facets of society in the United States. This effort lead quickly to a movement that saw this targeted generation questioning and challenging their family values, their religious beliefs, and the ways they valued life in general including how they took care of and valued their own. Divorce rates climbed dramatically shortly after this onset, and then with it came the slow chisel against the values that once made our nation strong—a devaluing of life, relationships, family, religion, and then eventually self. This destructive effort slowly and patiently focused on breaking down one of the pillars of Patriotism leading to rising divorce rates that have broken families and left children confused and their trust in adults fractured. The chronic continuation of this single statistic has moved the nation slowly into a state of selfishness and greed, taking the focus off of Patriotism and the primary rights endowed to us by our Creator and the pathway of how we each get ourselves there—Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Pursuit of these three “rights” as our Founders referenced and framed in the Declaration of Independence, had intent and meaning that as a society we have strayed from and lost sight of from the perspective of what the Founders had intended. As we slowly shifted to the primary focus on the “Pursuit of Happiness” we allowed our society to reshape this definition, giving us permission and the justification to pursue it in whatever way necessary, regardless of how this may affect the lives of those around us. Both the onset and rise of teen drug usage, depression, and suicide is no coincidence—it is a direct correlation and a very evident cry for help that we want to answer, and in a collaborative effort. The next generation of leaders deserves our attention to this matter, and to do so genuinely and sincerely requires an understanding of the past and how we got to this point, so that we can frame goals and focus on getting our nation and it’s youth back on track again.