Leadership & Legacy is a Limited Liability Company that strives to strengthen individuals and leadership infrastructures of all types including church leadership and its supportive programs, businesses, education institutions, and youth organizations.  Our focus is to encourage strong Christian values in reaching the hearts of leaders to strengthen their leadership style, producing undeniable and effective results that motivate and inspire the entire system of people under their lead.  This focus helps both the individuals and the organizations we serve to recapture the American spirit and have a lasting competitive edge in all they strive to do.  We pride ourselves on teachings that have a strong moral and ethical focus dating back to when our Founding Fathers first established our nation and set fourth the premise of helping Americans to embrace the spirit of humanity and in doing so they were able to discover, embrace, and then protect their God-given freedoms and rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 



Philosophy and Rationale


Leadership is not a title, or a position a person is simply put in to do a job and to manage others.  Leadership is a way of life, a talent that some have naturally, but one that all can learn and improve upon through daily reflection and constant and consistent reassessment of self and our role and ability in helping to motivate others around us to want to succeed and live a fulfilled life.  In achieving such a mission and goal, our efforts are to inspire, motivate and then develop the mindset of true 21st Century innovative thinking for all entities we serve, doing so in such a way that it separates those we service from their competitors, giving them not only a competitive edge but one that embeds the true spirit of competition guided by strong and unwavering moral and ethical values that foster collaboration and caring for others. 


To “serve others before self” is something most people understand and want for themselves, but yet in today’s society many struggle to apply when it comes to dealing with others—especially in settings outside the home environment.  Our belief is that leadership is not just taking care of the customer and the person the organization is intending to provide a service to, it is also taking equally good care of and respecting everyone who works within the organizations they are part of.  At Leadership and Legacy we focus on reaching the heart of our leaders through very deliberate and focused psychological channels, in an effort to strengthen the foundation of humanity through helping leaders to understand how the pinnacle of sustainable success is properly achieved. 


Effective leadership takes time to develop and is not a one size fits all approach.  Every organization has very differing dynamics and a multitude of factors that affect their ability to perform and be successful from a goal-oriented standpoint.  However, it is a deeper understanding and wanting to improve in the art of working with others that fosters the effective leadership we endorse and strive to help develop in those we serve.  In order to achieve long-lasting success leaders must put in the time and stay the course on the aspects and components that are necessary to achieve success and maintain it over time.  In a world today that has encouraged such high levels of competition and has become so saturated with advertisement, technology, and moment to moment interruptions that chisel at our ability to keep things in life simple, many organizations and people struggle to see clearly how to solve problems and work with others.  It is at this specific pinnacle of the problem we strive to transform leaders, helping them to become better thinkers, communicators, assessors, and innovators and in doing so we help our leaders get back to a place where life was, and still can be, simple.  Where simple has withstood the test of time, complexity has not.  And where complexity has crept into the cracks of the foundation of society, it has built a wall between our ability to communicate effectively in the workplace, at church, in schools and educational institutions, in youth programs, and sadly in our very homes with those we love most. 


Our organization has built itself upon years of experience, research-based psychological and archival data, and the application of such knowledge and insights.  But most importantly we believe in a philosophy that to get to the heart of others and capture their motivation and wanting to achieve and be successful in life you have to revisit the past and relearn it before you can successfully move forward in the present time we are living.  The results you will see from the motivational speaking, seminars, and training we offer your leaders and those they work with and manage will produce results that will set you apart from your competitors, as being successful is a delicate balance of knowing when to lead, when to follow, but most importantly when to stand alone in your leadership role.