Support Your Local Small Businesses
This page is being dedicated to a "Conservative & Christian Warrior" by the name Eric Moutsos.  Eric has quite the story and it mostly started after he was fired from the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department for his religious beliefs.  While I would like to share it with you I would rather you discover it more yourself.  What I will say is that when I first heard Eric's story at a local conservative gathering in Colorado on February 12, 2021 where the documentary of his story was shown and then Eric was there to share a little more of his story.  It was amazing to me that after hearing his story two things resonated:  1)  how much I felt I had in common with Eric and the persecution he went through; and 2) how I had never heard anything about his story and what took place in Utah since the pandemic and shutdowns of 2020.  Conservative Christians in the US need to hear his story and his message, but even more so we all need to carry his leadership forward in our communities.  Eric, thank you for planting inspiring me to reach out more in my local community to find those small businesses who are struggling and to find a way to rally the great people of my community to help support them.
This March 13, 2021 we are organizing our first (of many to come) outreach events in an effort to flood a local small business with support and business from like-minded conservatives and Christians in the community.  We are reaching out to everyone we know in an effort to invite them to overwhelm this business with financial support by purchasing products from their store.  What a better way to spend our stimulus money than to help support one another, as when we help those in need we are helping Christ (Matthew 25: 40).
If you know of a local business in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas that has been negatively impacted (persecuted, pressured, harassed, etc.) in any of the following ways, please contact us and let us know so we can reach out to them and offer some support:
1)  for not being labeled an "essential" business, they were pressured to close temporarily
2)  for refusing to enforce the mask mandates as a business location
3)  for refusing to follow social distancing practices
** At this time our focus is in supporting local small businesses that have had the courage to not follow the mandates and in doing so chose to respect people's Constitutional rights and freedoms.  We want to help these businesses with all the support they need and that we can offer them at this time.
If you are not from the Colorado Springs area, or live in a different state, and would like to start a support effort like this one for your local small businesses, we encourage you to do so as well.  And we are here to help you organize this effort if you need any ideas or just some general support.  Working together we can and will make a difference!
Colorado Springs Area, We Need Your Help!
Anyone living in the Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding area we need your help please.  We are compiling a list of businesses that fit one or more of the criteria above and need support.  If you know of a business in our area, even if you think we might know of them already, please email us and we will add them to the list.  Help us make a difference!