Educational Institutions

"Make sure team members know they are working with you,

not for you."

                         - John Wooden

Educational Institution Services 


   - Motivational Speaking (Staff and Students)

   - Consulting Services

   - Organizational Leadership Training (Leaders Only) 

   - Team Dynamics Development / Team Building (Leader with Group) 

   - All Staff Group Training (Synergistic Approach) 

   - Survey Assessments  

    *  We also provide seminars and training services to sports programs at the

          Middle School, High School, and College/University levels (See the Youth

          Sports and Youth Group Services Tab under "SERVICES" for more information)



Seminar and Training Topics


   - Facilitating Functional and Effective Teams

   - Team Management and Organization

   - Team Building and Group Dynamic Development

   - Implementing an Effective PLC Model

   - Harassment in the Workplace

   - Conflict Management and Resolution

   - Competitiveness and Goal Setting

   - Creating a Work / Life Balance

   - Building Functional Relationships in the Workplace



Training Program Overview


Leadership & Legacy was initially developed out of a passion for impacting the education sector and youth education and sports programs in such a way that would bring team building and positive relational interactions to its fullest potential possible.  Imagine a school system where every day students saw their teachers putting their personal agendas aside and sincerely working together, caring for one another’s needs and lives outside of work, networking with the surrounding community, and working to build the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model in such a way that interdisciplinary units and lessons displayed such cohesiveness that it was contagious to students and they lived it themselves with their classmates and teammates, just as they saw it being modeled for them by many of the adults they respected most.  Imagine a school design where bullying did not exist anymore because the culture was one where all adults modeled zero tolerance for the behavior with their colleagues and had healthy, confidential, and supportive channels that would not only investigate but not allow any behavior of the sort to exist.   Imagine this protocol of human behavior becoming the standard by which not only organizational policy was developed but that it was carried out with everyone being held accountable for themselves and each other in order to make the organization grow stronger and stand for something more than just high test scores.  Imagine a competitive mindset in teachers and students so high but yet so well understood that the motto “compete with oneself, cooperate with others” became the catch phrase around school and the community.  Our training session will bring these components to light and will help your organization grow stronger in the foundations of such human needs.



                                            Services Overview and Fees 


* There will be discounted pricing available to K-12 public schools (and any institution that has non-profit status) for all services listed below



Motivational Speaking            



 What is the overall pulse and climate of your organization?  Are you in need of some re-energizing, positive thinking and application of good attitudes, need a challenging perspective on how to assess yourself more so than others?  Looking for some new perspectives to support and strengthen the PLCs you have in place in your buildings? Are your teachers and professors in need of some coaching and mentoring so as to help improve instruction and retention?  Are your anti-bullying policies still not as effective as you had hoped they would be?  Could your athletic programs, coaches, and athletes use some new perspectives on team building, on sportsmanship and competition, and how sports can set the stage for how we live our lives and contribute positively and unselfishly to our society?  Let us provide you with a refreshing perspective and outlook on your organizational climate as well as an overall re-focusing on life in general.  Let us come inspire and motivate all those in your organization to move to more positive thinking to foster better relationship building and work collaboration.                                           


Fees (maximum audience size of 100 people)                                                                       


                                                20 minutes                         $   250                                                 

                                                40 minutes                         $   500                                     

                                                1 hour                                 $   750 




Consulting Services                       



Consultations can be either one-on-one sessions for personal growth (at work, in personal life, or both) or group/organization-oriented sessions for growth of a group or the entire organization. Both types of sessions are designed to engage the leader/group in thought and conversation to self-assess, plan, and initiate small changes that bring about highly effective and positive results in the day to day approach to working with co-workers, organizing and managing tasks and the necessary allocations, satisfying customers, and overall work effectiveness and efficiency. The self-assessment aspect will become the most effective tool to the leader, as they will find it guiding them to the proper change and in the proper areas of the organization while creating an environment that is more open and soliciting of feedback from others. Consultations are designed to move leaders and groups to the top of Maslow’s Pyramid of Hierarchy, reaching Self-Actualization by transforming the way they think about day to day, and moment to moment interactions with others. Consultations will further help leaders arrive at and sustain the Dynamic Leader status they are truly capable of.                       


Fees                         $150 per hour per session (group / organization growth)


                                  $  75 per hour per session (one-on-one personal growth)




Organizational Leadership Training (Leaders Only)                        



Leadership training is essential to any and all organizations in that it provides structure and guidance for leaders to learn how to review, apply, and sustain best practices in leading others.  This training will engage leaders in a deeper understanding of the psychology of people and the manner in which we all are capable of reaching our full potential in all we do.  Training sessions will further explore past historical leadership and group dynamics successes and failures and then transition in a way that will find leaders heavily self-assessing themselves and their role as a leader in an effort to help them identify the areas where their leadership is strong and productive, as well as the areas where it is weak and needs improvement.  Group interactions and activities that help leaders to apply what they are learning will be an essential part of the training, as well as sufficient time for individual reflection and planning for moving forward on the application component.  The overall goal of this training is to help leaders maintain their strengths and minimize their weaknesses while earning the trust and respect of the people they lead on a day to day basis through positive attributes found over time to motivate people to work productively, efficiently, and collaboratively.                    


Fees                                     1  Day           8 hours             $200 (per person)                                                                                 

                                              1/2 Day         4 hours             $100  (per person)                                                                   

                                                                    2 hours              $  70 (per person)                                                                   

                                                                    1 hour                $  55 (per person)                  




Team Dynamics Development / Team Building (Leader with Group)                        



Team Dynamics have been the focus of many organizations and groups for many centuries now, but more so in the last few decades due to the growing global population, the strain on resources, and the merging of a variety of different markets, among other factors.  We are living in a time where innovation is necessary but yet the innovative mind has not been producing as we had hoped.  But why?  While many analysts and experts have proposed ideas and theories to explain it Maslow’s Pyramid shows us that innovation comes when we arrive at Self-Actualization.  Furthermore, research in the area of small group dynamics in Isolated and Confined Extreme (ICE) Environments has provided us with much anecdotal data as have many third party organizations who have been working with Human Resources Departments in an effort to help companies redesign their work groups to help them to be more cohesive.  Despite these efforts, workplace interactions are still struggling and work morale is still on the decline as there are strong indications that where this efforts are failing is with the complexity of the measures and assessments they use to provide data to make these changes.  Archival data from the last 200 years has shown that some of the best group dynamics have evolved naturally and even so from dysfunctional teams, as the team encountered adversity and stressors that challenged their very survival, forcing them to find a way to look past their differences and work together.  These training sessions will help teams (leaders and co-workers) better understand this history, especially where many past and successful civilizations had a strong belief that to know the future and where you are going you have to know the past and where you have been.  Through this Team Dynamic Training effort you will see your teams learning and engaging in strategies that help them understand that diversity and differences are actually a benefit in the long-term scale of things when it comes to evolving and innovating for the sake of survival.  This training will transform your leaders and their teams into cohesive units functioning with flexible and adaptive styles of leadership throughout the team.                         


Fees                                     1  Day           8 hours             $130 (per person)                                                                                 

                                              1/2 Day         4 hours             $  65 (per person)                                                                   

                                                                    2 hours              $  50 (per person)                                                                   

                                                                    1 hour                $  35 (per person)     




All Staff Group Training (Synergistic Approach)                        



The All Staff Group Training approach is a bold effort to move the entire organization to synergy and Self-Actualization.  Through an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to the Progressive Training Structure, the culmination of all prior trainings received combined with new training insights will help the pieces of the puzzle all fall together for the organization, as the shared vision becomes a positive forward movement for the organization.  From here the organization has the ability to transform into a single entity that openly solicits feedback, ideas, and encourages new and innovative solutions to meet the rapidly changing climate of the industry.  Furthermore, these training methods will deepen the understanding of how emerging markets impact the organization so that adaptiveness and support become the foundation of helping the organization meet both its short and long-term goals.  This training is designed to be fun, interactive, and full of brain storming and relationship building to foster a more cohesive and collaborative culture within the organization.                         


Fees                                     1  Day           8 hours             $130 (per person)                                                                                              

                                              1/2 Day         4 hours             $  65 (per person)                                                                                                                                      2 hours              $  50 (per person)                                                                                                                                      1 hour                $  35 (per person)                




Survey Assessments                        



Online and anonymous surveys will give your organization the insights it needs to make informed decisions with regards to potential changes in how you operate your business on a day to day basis.  As trust continues to build through each and every training/coaching encounter so will the honesty of the survey data, which in time will help your organization to make decisions based upon solicitation from employees and empowerment of the synergy that leads to a self-actualized culture at the work place.  Assessments that will be offered include: Self Assessments; Leadership Assessments; Team & Organizational Assessments.                           



              Self Assessments                   $ 75 per assessment

                                                                (Price includes survey, analysis, and 30 min feedback meeting) 


              Leadership Assessments      $ 300

                                                                (Pricing includes up to 30 surveys, analysis, and 1 hour feedback meeting with

                                                                leader(s) as a group) 


             Team & Organizational Assessments                                         

                               Package A             $ 100

                                                                (Package A will include a survey for each member of a team (up to 10  team members),

                                                                analysis, and a 30-60 min feedback meeting with the leader)


                               Package B             $ 250

                                                                (Package B will include a survey for each member of a team (up to 30 team members),

                                                                analysis, and a 30-60 min feedback meeting with the leader)


                               Package C             $ 400

                                                                (Package C includes up to 60 surveys, analysis, and a 30-60 min feedback meeting with                                                                                leaders only) 


                                                     ** Please note that feedback can be given to team members as well, but 

                                                            would be done during a training session where follow up training to

                                                            the survey results discussion is an option.