"Leadership is more than just a title and a position you are put in.  It is a responsibility you are entrusted with, where you provide support, encouragement, structure, and moral guidance so those under your lead can reach their full potential."
                                                                                        - Matthew Allner, Founder
Matthew Allner
Founder, Lead Consultant

Matthew Allner married his wife (Jessica) in 2000 and they have three incredible children.  He has 17 years experience in public education as a science teacher and five years as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Graduate School level.  He has worked extensively as a research scientist since 2005 where he has worked in the area of space psychology specifically developing original research in the areas of Psychosocial Issues for Consideration for Long-Duration Space Flight.  During this time he also worked at both the national and international levels to improve and encourage STEM Education and Student Outreach and Engagement programs.  Along with providing suggestions for group dynamic development, Matt has also worked in both educational and medical device sales and was a volunteer rescue diver and training officer for the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team for three years.  He has countless hours invested in community service and public outreach dating back to when he was in Middle School, and has 27 years experience coaching youth sports.


Matt attributes the start of his success to the neighborhood where he and friends all grew up as boys and were best friends.  The neighborhood was full of kids who were always outside playing and having fun.  Competition was a bit fierce at times, but they were all sportsman, respectful, and worked hard to help each other improve and get better at everything they did together.  As Matt moved into high school he was a four-sport athlete where he played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track.  He went to State three times in track for the 4 x 800m relay, and went to State in basketball as a sophomore in 1990.  His senior year he was an All-City Selection and First Team Academic All-State as a Quarterback, and was later selected to the Iowa High School Baseball All-Star Team.  In 1992 he was the recipient of the Bernie Sagau Award, Iowa’s most prestigious honor for overall athletic, academic, and sportsmanship accomplishments.  In college he played baseball where he was an All-District selection his sophomore year and was selected to play in the Jay Hawk Wooden Bat League in the summer of 1994 (an NCAA sanctioned scouting league for professional baseball).  Sought after to play professional baseball, he had a personal tryout with the Kansas City Royals at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, and was offered a contract to finish the season with the Sioux City Explorers, an Independent minor league organization in the mid-west.  During college he continued his officiating career, having started at the YMCA with youth sports when he was in high school and progressing to high school varsity levels in just a few short years of officiating high school level games where he eventually had 15 years of experience.  After college Matt moved to California and started a 17-year career in public education with the Pleasant Valley School District in Camarillo, California.  While in California he lived near the beach and surfed almost every day, where the sport took his athletic abilities, confidence, and mindset to a whole different level.  Married his wife in 2000 and then after having their daughter Isabelle made a move back to the Mid-west in the town Matt grew up in as a boy.  It was here that they raised their family.  In just a few short years he found his way into the space science arena and started his Master’s degree in 2005 and then successfully defended his thesis in 2009.  While living and teaching in Iowa Matt was instrumental in bringing the NASA Explorer School Program and Grant to the Sioux City Community School District and was the team lead of the grant from 2005-07.  He was the founder of an annual Space Day Event for the District and was the only teacher in Iowa selected in 2007 to be a part of the Iowa Math and Science Coalition (IMSC) where he worked collaboratively with Iowa business owners, politicians, and higher education to address concerns and needs in the Iowa STEM workforce.  Received funding from former Iowa governor Tom Vilsac to present his technical science research at the 2006 COSPAR space science conference in Bejing, China, and later presented in the 2006 IAC conference in Valencia, Spain.  Moved to Colorado with his family in 2007 where he successfully rebuilt a struggling NASA Explorer School program at Fox Meadow Middle School in Colorado Springs.  In the summer of 2010 he was interviewed by the Webster University graduate department (Space Systems Management and Operations Department) and was offered a position to teach Space Bioastronautics as well as develop curriculum for two new courses he has been teaching: Long-Duration Space Flight and Astrobiology Considerations For Life on Mars. 


As a research scientist he studied group dynamics in extreme environments where aspects of research and experience with the dive team he was on, helped him gain experience and insights into the development of suggestions and research in this area.  He has had eight scientific papers and abstracts accepted for presentation where he traveled to present his work at the following scientific conferences:  the 2006 and 2008 COSPAR Assemblies (held in Bejing, China and Montreal, Canada); and at the 2006, 2008, and 2010 IAC Conferences (held in Valencia, Spain; Glasgow, Scotland; and Daejeon, Korea).  In 2006 he went on research expeditions to the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Mojave Desert (2006 and 2008), and to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah where he furthered his psychology studies of group dynamic development in Isolated and Confined Extreme (ICE) environments.  Selected by NASA in 2003, 2009, and 2012 as a finalist for selection into the Astronaut Candidate Program, where in 2009 he was in the final 100 candidates (top 1%) being considered for selection into the program.  His teaching experience to date has included topics such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Space Bioastronautics, and Astrobiology.  He is also fluent in Spanish and is learning Russian.  Hobbies include spending time with his family, volunteering for the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, coaching his daughter’s/son’ baseball/softball teams, playing baseball, hunting, fishing, and extreme sports (surfing, snow and rock climbing, caving, SCUBA diving, mountain biking, and snowboarding).  He is a life-long learner who has dedicated his life’s work and talents to educating and protecting children and society’s pillars of foundational structure.  And he is determined and devoted to instill solid Christian principles in his efforts of helping others develop a legacy of leadership in all they do in life.


Matthew Allner is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization