Nathan Lloyd
Specializing in Businesses and Youth
Sports Organizations

Nathan Lloyd married his wife (Meggen) in 2004 and they have two amazing children.  Worked as a flight attendant for 3 years with Southwest Airlines, where he specialized in providing superior customer service with all travelers on various flights he was involved in.  He was the co-owner of a bar and restaurant by the name of Foolery’s for five years, and then worked with a beer distributor (Glazier’s) where he was a supervisor working in sales, planning and implementing major events for the company.  Nathan was later the Co-owner of a construction company for five years where he was responsible for producing bids and contractual agreements for prospective clients, organizing and managing workers to fulfill the job deliverables, and then maintaining good customer service and satisfaction with customers.  He has been actively involved with the Sioux City Catholic Diocese where he was an Alter Server from 6th – 12th grade and has further carried on his community service as a father where he has been a youth sports coach for four years having coached soccer, basketball, football and wrestling, while also navigating three states for soccer opportunities for his son.  Nathan is a highly motivated, positive, caring, and self-driven person who truly has dedicated his life to serving others and putting their needs before his own.  His ability to work productively with both kids and adults is amazing and will help your organization greatly improve its ability to bring positive change to tough situations, while learning from one of the happiest and best consultants around.


Nathan’s Success Story


Nathan strongly feels his success story started back in the neighborhood where he grew up with the Founder, Matt Allner.  He says that the neighborhood having lots of kids to play with, supportive and loving families, and the safety and freedom to just roam, have fun, and explore were the key factors that started him down the path of having such a entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.  Growing up he was as big as the older kids he competed against athletically, which gave him an advantage in wrestling because he always had to practice against tougher competition which helped him to be a champion on the wrestling mat.  This carried over into high school where he was a stellar athlete playing football, soccer, and wrestling.  As a sophomore he was a Varsity fullback on the Heelan Catholic High School football team, a team that finished 2nd in State for the highest class level in Iowa (4A), and was a starter and the team captain his senior year where they finished as the State Runner Up once again, where he received All-City Honors as a linebacker.  While he was a two-time state qualifier in wrestling his sophomore and junior years, sadly Nathan’s athletic career was sidelined his senior year with some unfortunate medical issues.  Ranked his senior year as the #1 wrestler in the 171 pound weight class for the State of Iowa, Nathan was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis during the season.  After a long road to recovery he was able to get back into wrestling condition heading into the District tournament, when he then developed an appendicitis.  During the surgery there were some unfortunate complications causing him to not be able to finish the wrestling season and compete for the state title as he was anticipated to.  Nathan was determined to still pursue a wrestling career in college and to walk on at the University of Iowa, where his dream was to wrestle for infamous Dan Gable but his medical conditions were causing an unknown lack of coordination, weakness, and vulnerability that sidelined him further.  Trying to make sense of everything, Nathan's strong Christian faith told him there was a reason for all of this and so determined to rebound from everything he started traveling where he spendt lots of time camping and biking where he lived in Montana.  Four times in Nathan’s life he had near death experiences that helped him to believe that his life was meant for something more and something greater than some of the dreams and goals he had set out to accomplish.  Unselfish in this regard, he continued to pursue his calling and focused on his amazing talent of serving others.  Nathan was able to show his talent of how amazing he was with others, and was hired on by Southwest Airlines.  It was here that he learned so many valuable things about how to deal with challenging people and situations.  Several years later after relocating back home to Iowa, Nathan and his family started up Tom Foolery’s, a bar and restaurant in the historic 4th Street District of Sioux City, Iowa where they developed the establishment into the place that everyone in town wanted to be at.  In just two short years they had broke even financially, and started moving towards profit, where three short years later they sold Foolery’s to engage in some different entrepreneurial opportunities in renewable energy. Nathan is a life-long learner who loves engaging in activities and hobbies with others.  Hobbies include spending time with his family, coaching his daughter’s/son’ soccer and basketball teams, hunting, and extreme sports (surfing, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, mountain biking, and snowboarding). 


To say that Nathan is an expert in the field of human factors and personal relationships would be an understatement, as this has been the key to his success in all the endeavors he has undertaken in his life and it is evident in the ways in which he is respected and remembered by people wherever he goes.  Nathan knows people, but more so how to build positive and lasting group dynamics with teams.  In short, he knows “Leadership and Legacy”.