Our Four Pillars

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 brought events and challenges many Americans and citizens worldwide have never seen or been faced with before.  Health and medical experts we should be able to trust have manipulated data, been dishonest about the science, and turned science/medical thinking into a consensus.  All true science-minded individuals and professionals know too well that there is never consensus in science.  Consensus science is the science of politics.  When people who contract this virus have a 97% survival rate (and that's on the conservative end of all reported data), and the death rate in 2020 has not changed from 2019 or even since 1976 for that matter, how can we fall victim to these lies and fall in line with stay at home orders and mask mandates?  How do we allow political power grabs like the ones we have witnessed globally since spring of 2020?  Too many people willingly did what they were told, some out of respect while others out of fear and ignorance.  Regardless, we are at a point where sadly many are now "conditioned".  This was the only "true" science that was going on. 


In the US, speech has been censored like never before with tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. wielding and flexing their corporate muscles, politically leveraging those who oppose their agenda by either removing them from their platforms or even pressuring corporate entities to cancel certain products or donations to anyone voicing their opinion as a conservative Patriot.  American civil liberties and basic freedoms of all humans have been trampled on as if they don't matter, and people have been pressured and even threatened into enforcing these wrongs on others.  Small businesses and homes were destroyed by rioters over the summer, and legal US citizens died from the looting and destruction that governors and mayors allowed to take place.  Churches and even small businesses labeled as "non-essential" were pressured to close down and many small business owners were forced to take out loans through the PPP (Payment Protection Program) with potential loan forgiveness by the government's SBA (Small Business Association), yet these loans in many instances were still not enough to help these business owners keep their businesses alive, pay bills, and keep their homes.  All while certain businesses labeled as "Essential" were allowed to remain open, many of which sold similar goods as small businesses that were forced to close.  Children of all ages were forced home to learn online staring at a computer all day and doing live and recorded video lessons from their teachers, and yet when schools opened in some communities children were forced to wear masks while trying to learn and socialize normally.  Youth and high school sports were cancelled, and very special and memorable events like homecoming, prom, and graduations were cancelled or drastically altered which devastated high school seniors.  Does this sound normal to you?  Is this the kind of life and lifestyle you are willing to accept moving forward in your future?  Does the data even properly support the scare and reaction our leaders took in removing the normal environment we all want for our children and ourselves?  The answer is NO!  But the question is "what are we going to do about it"?  For far too long intelligent, capable, and moral Americans have stood by waiting for someone else to step up and change things and yet it never happened.  If we haven't realized by now, we have to take back our lives and we can't wait for the government to do it for us.  In WWII Europe got help from allies such as the US and its allies.  And with this help they were able to defeat communism.  But who now will come to help us?  There is nobody.  We are our only rescue and we have to find a way.  The forces opposing us have already shown us their agenda, because they believe we can't stop them.  And now its time for Americans in every state to stand up, organize, and take back our country "for ourselves and our posterity" and in doing so utilize the framework of the Constitution our Founding Fathers left us as they gave "We The People" all the power we needed to stay in control.  Power to reshape our institutions from the highest national levels, to state and community levels if ever needed.  And we are here to help and to work with you in doing just this!

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic Leadership & Legacy LLC had focused on four foundational pillars:  Businesses, Church Organizations, Youth Sports & Youth Groups, and Educational Institutions.  And our focus on these pillars was to help each pillar improve its leadership capacities in an effort to improve society for our youth while protecting them in all the ways they need protecting.  With the onset of the global events of 2020 and the changes that occurred here in the United States, we strongly felt that our four pillars were the foundation we needed to keep our focus on, but we decided to change our mission objectives as the foundation of each pillar now needs a different level of rebuilding.  The only other major change of pillar focus is that we have shifted our focus with the business pillar from all businesses to only small businesses, and with educational institutions we are solely focusing on K-12 schools in an effort to work with conservative groups in local communities as they support and strengthen their small businesses and take back their schools to rid the indoctrination that has been growing each year. 

Small Businesses


Are you a small business that is struggling right now?  Are you being pressured into following state mandates related to the Coronavirus and it's affecting your business livelihood?  Do you want to push back against country health departments and government agencies threatening to close you down for not complying to state mandates and need legal counsel and support?  Let us help you to get connected with a networked team of experts who can help you navigate through the legal process and your rights, as well as helping you and your local community develop a system of support that will help you push back and keep your business afloat and flourishing again.  Just click the button below and lets get started!



Is your church organization falling victim to the politicization and "fall in line" syndrome so many church leaders are submitting to?  Are you wanting to get back to church if your church is still closed?  Are you feeling it wrong to be told you have to wear a mask when church leaders administering and officiating the service and mass are being allowed to make a decision as to whether they have to follow the same set of rules?  If you need suggestions on how to navigate this, or want to know more how to organize your members to push back so that your church remains open, and doesn't trample on people's freedom in the process, then please contact us so we can help you get organized with a plan.  Just click the button below and lets get started!

Youth Sports & Youth Groups


Are you an organization tired of youth sports having the normalized focus of winning at all cost?  Are you realizing athletes and youth group members in your community are in need of something more than just motivational talks and efforts focused on winning?  Are you looking for a deeper experience for the youth in your community to help them see a better connection between what they are doing in sports/youth groups and the bigger connection of lessons learned to their future lives and making their communities and the world a better place?  Then let us come inspire and motivate you, your coaches/leaders, and your youth to move to change with a re-energized approach that will get everyone involved more excited and engaged.  Just click the button below and lets get started!



Are you and your organization fed up with what the education system has done to fall in line with mask mandates of your students?  Are you tired of being ignored by teachers, school administrators, and District leaders and school board members who fail to hear concerns you have with how 2020 mandates and closures have had a dangerous impact on youth in your community?  Do you feel like you don't know where to start to bring change in your community schools to bring "normal" back again?  Are you tired of anti-God and anti-American values being instilled, taught, and encouraged with no repercussions or reprimands imposed on those instituting or allowing this behavior?  If so, we are here to help you organize and push back against this indoctrination your tax dollars are sadly paying for and doing to your children.  Just click the button below and lets get started! 

Leadership & Legacy Testimonial

"Matt is a person with admirable moral character and ethics, who places his family as a first and foremost priority.  Having seen him in the role of husband and father, I can see why he has been such an effective teacher and mentor to young students and other educators during his 17 years in the profession.  He not only delivered quality instruction in the classroom, but had an uncanny ability to motivate his students and peers in positive ways to produce consistent results."    


            -  Dr. Vadim Rygalov (University of North Dakota Space Studies Department, Associate Graduate Professor)