"After listening to Matt’s vision and keynote address at the South Carolina Men’s

retreat recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Saint John Paul II;

“Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ!”  Matt is not afraid of the

seemingly impossible things. His life experience and the grace God has clearly

given him, is a true gift for those who get to listen to his words and be inspired to

help open those doors for Christ in every facet of our lives, our communities and our

world! It has been a pleasure as well getting to know Matt as a fellow Patriot.  I look

forward to the years ahead, with the help of our Lady, working with Matt to fight the

good fights for truth, beauty and goodness, as we run the race of this earthly journey

and strive to be the saints for the age we live in!

-  Rick Oehlhof, Former US Army Green Beret & Catholic Convert


"My 19-year-old son and I recently heard Matt speak in March in South Carolina, and as much as I enjoyed his words, my son really was impressed and talked about him on the ride home.  I wanted to say thank you to Matt on our behalf and hope to see him on a national stage soon.  Anyone that is working to reach our youth today should consider having Matt come and talk to them." 


Billy Martin, Former NYFD and Dedicated Catholic Father

"I discovered the That Man is You (TMIY) program at a neighboring parish over two years ago.  From the first day that I walked into the parish hall at 6am, my eyes were opened by a light much brighter and clearer then ever before.  For the first time in my life I was able to reconcile and make sense of a faith that has been deeply rooted but never fully cultivated.  Matt was leading TMIY and would often share short stories and life experience that resonated with me and the other men.  I began to realize what a gift Matt had and how blessed I was to be part of his circle of influence.  I shared the TMIY program with my parish priest about six months after my first exposure. Over a year and a half later, I was summoned to start up the program at my home parish.  Based on the inspiration and guidance that I had received from Matt, I quickly agreed to accept the role.  I invited Matt to speak at one of our sessions this year.  I was expecting a great talk but what we experienced was much more. Matt has a unique ability to tie our faith, the bible, life experiences, family, sports and culture into a captivating story that not only catches your attention but maintains it and keeps you on the edge of your seats.  His words inspire not only reflection but introspection.  He laid out a challenge to men to face today’s culture not with fear but with passion.  To be fertile ground for seeds to fall, sprout and grow but also to take it a step further and plant seeds.  To plant them on all types of soil.  Some will grow quickly, others may need time, but with patience, persistence, and unwavering faith, we will win the war against our culture and Satan.  We will make our families the foundation of our society.  We will defend our families from Satin and drive goodness, wholesomeness, and faith into our daily lives.  We will recognize our gift and talents and follow the discernment that God is leading us towards.  Several men came to me afterwards and said, “Matt is an incredible speaker” and “I was really impressed and inspired by his talk.”  If your team needs inspiration, look no further, I highly recommend Matt and continue to pray for his ministry and the impact that he brings to his circle of influence and bring you towards the light.  All I can say is Wow!"

             - Patrick Barrett, That Man Is You Team Leader, Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church, Colorado Springs

“Matt was exceptional in his presentation on Faith and Science during our monthly Tapping Into Theology program. He was knowledgeable and engaging, sharing with a great deal of passion and charism.  We cannot wait to have him back.”


             - Rob Plush, Director of Adult Formation, Sacred Heart Parish,

                   Colorado Springs Diocese

"Matt is a person with admirable moral character and ethics, who places his family as a first and foremost priority. . . but while doing so doesn't ever forget about other young people and adults around him.  Having seen him in the role of conscience and responsible husband and father, I can understand why he has been such an effective teacher and mentor to both K-12 and graduate level students, as well as other educators for more than 17 years.  He not only delivered quality instruction in the classroom, but had an uncanny ability to resolve conflict situations in a constructive manner, always motivating his students and peers in positive ways to produce consistent results.  His intrinsic and natural sense of humor helps him tremendously in keeping multiple social balances for mutual benefits.  Matt is fully dedicated to developing others to be their best so they can reach their full potential – personally, professionally and relationally – in church, in the workplace, in sports and in life."    


            -  Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Associate Graduate Professor, University of North Dakota Space Studies Department

"I have been involved in youth sports for ten years as a parent and coach, and Matt Allner is the best coach we've ever had. He has an amazing knowledge of both individual mechanics and the strategic elements of football and baseball. More importantly he emphasizes developing good character above winning (yet he still led the team to win the league championship!).  He is great with kids -- always positive, fiercely protective, and 100% committed to doing the right thing."


           -  Keith Jones, Professor of Engineering and Aeronautics, United States Air Force Academy

“My relationship with Matt has grown over the last several years here at St. Patrick Catholic Church as he has been a big part of our Christian faith community. As Matt took over the leadership role for a Men’s Ministry by the name of ‘That Man Is You’ (TMIY) after another man stepped down, we were at a cross road with how to run it as attendance had been dropping consistently each year. He quickly assembled a Core Leadership Team and implemented several new ideas from everyone, which together brought attendance up quickly. Matt rallied the men around more opportunities outside the ministry to further build fellowship while also bringing the men’s families together to build more community through fun events, family picnics, and service projects. And he has consistently challenged men to step up and be the men and fathers that our society so desperately needs. It has bee my privilege to know and grow under Matt’s Christian leadership.”


          - Eric Sieverts, Director of Adult Formation, St. Patrick’s Parish, Colorado Springs Diocese

"Matt has proven himself to be a steadfast leader for our youth softball team. His strong abilities in the sport and even stronger beliefs in team unity, family, and God have made him an incredible teacher and guide to our team. Matt has a keen sense and ability to work with the athletes to make them better players through skills training and confidence building. His patience is endless, and every child comes away from a practice or game feeling as though he or she performed well, was an important part of the team, and they improved both individually as well as with their team conrtibution. His patience, love of teaching, and true grasp of balance, have made him an impeccable leader. We are grateful to know him as a coach, mentor, and friend."


           -  Todd Stenhaug, Youth Sports Coach and Dedicated Father

"Matt is a caring and compassionate coach who always puts the best interests of the young players above everything else.  Matt emphasizes player safety and sportsmanship, but is also great at teaching and coaching.  Year after year, parents and players alike return to Matt's team because he keeps the sport fun - win or lose."


           -  Kenny Lucas, Youth Softball Coach