Why Choose Us?

At Leadership & Legacy, LLC the services are training solutions are unique and specifically tailored to your needs.  We think different, act different, and refuse to let others chisel us in ways that lead us away from our hearts and our faith.  We are strong in mind, body, spirit, soul, and most importantly in our faith and relationship with God and we encourage everyone we interact with on a daily basis to be the same. 


We have been blessed with many talents and skill sets and have worked tirelessly for over 30 years of our lives to build and develop each of them, the strongest of which are interpersonal relationship building and team building.  We have experienced first-hand the dysfunctional aspects of teams for so long in our lives that we decided years ago to put fourth an effort to do two things:  bring change to the groups who needed it most, and to bring support and guidance to those who were already strong so they could maintain the positive group dynamics and functioning they already had in place.  Our past accomplishments speak for themselves with regards to our track record of success and all we have been blessed to accomplish and in so many different arenas and career/subject matter areas.  Our ideas and approaches for the consulting work we are offer all organizations is tailored from the seven year research effort that the founder Matt Allner put fourth to suggest revisiting a very new and different approach to leadership and team dynamic development.  This research effort was very well received by NASA and the Russian, European, and Canadian Space Agencies and from this work Matt presented his research at five international space science conferences and was a finalist for the NASA Astronaut Selection Process three times.  During this time it became very evident to us that training is essential for personal and group/team growth of any and all types of organizations, and that in order to maintain the great components of a functioning team, you need to continually nurture it and give it the proper resources and attention for it to survive. 


What further differentiates us is that we thoroughly enjoy working with and helping others to grow, serving as mentors and friends in helping others to reach their fullest potential possible and the Self-Actualization that Maslow discovered in his studies.  We believe in this pyramid with all that we are as individuals and as a consulting team, as well as believing in Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the premise that leaders not only need to understand how to communicate with each of their co-workers in ways that are understood and effective, but also that leaders need to fully understand what motivates and inspires those around them if they want to move the group synergistically in the same direction and with the same vision of the end all goal of the organization.




"Forgive us if we don't follow the flow. . . we just feel the flow should follow us." 


                - Matt Allner, Founder & Lead Consultant