Youth Sports & Youth Groups

"Make sure team members know they are working with you,

not for you."

                         - John Wooden

Youth Sports & Youth Group Services

   - Motivational Speaking  

   - Consulting Services (Organizational & Individual Leaders)

   - Dynamic Coaching & Group Leader Clinic

   - Survey Assessments

    * All services for youth sports and youth groups can be modified to meet the needs of leaders, coaches, athletes, and officials at

         the Middle School, High School and College/University levels




Motivational Speaking

   - Diserning Right From Wrong: Sportsmanship, Laws, & Supporting Ethical/Moral Societal Norms

   - Leadership and the Role for Youth

   - Fatherhood & Marriage:  What Soceity Doesn't Want Young Men to Know or to Do

   - What Does Science Really Know?:  A Closer Look Into the Relationship Between Science and Government

   - What It Really Means to Be a Team Player:  Putting Others Before Self


Seminar and Training Topics

   - Team Building and Group Dynamic Development

   - Conflict Management and Resolution

   - Attitude and Effort:  Fostering the Proper Mindset in Athletes and Youth

   - Beginning Coaches and Leaders

   - Team Management and Organization

   - Coaching Your Own Child

   - Competitiveness and Goal Setting

   - Working and Communicating with Parents

   - Preventing Sexual Abuse

   - Officiating Youth Sports:  What I Really Need to Know

   - Being a Supportive Parent:  What Really Is My Role?

   - Bullying / Hazing

   - Character Building

   - Coaching Athletes and Youth About Winning and Losing in Sports and in Life




Training Program Overview


At Leadership and Legacy our consultants have over 45 years of combined experience in sports and youth groups from our time as elite athletes and sports officials, to our time as youth sports coaches and youth group leaders.  We have an uncanny ability to utilize a good sense of humor in our practices, while working tirelessly to resolve conflict situations in a constructive manner, always motivating others in positive ways to produce consistent results.  Our passion is to protect the human foundations for young athletes and children of all ages while helping them to understand the value of improving themselves while helping to build up their teammates through constructive team building methods that build true and lasting team dynamics.  Our training sessions will address issues of character and morale that all too often are not discussed and instilled effectively in youth sports and youth groups today.  We are here to help your organization further build and reinforce its foundation by helping instill the necessary character qualities in your coaches, leaders, athletes, and youth participants that helps them improve themselves, their teammates, and their sport as a whole through the focus of how to develop functional group dynamics that will better shape the team and our society as a whole.



                                           Services Overview and Fees



*  There will be discounted pricing available to Non-Profit organiations for all services listed below.   And there are no fees for youth groups directly associated with church organizations (we will only ask for a donation of whatever your church organization or ministry can afford).




Motivational Speaking



Do you struggle with high turnover with coaches from season to season?  Do you spend more time than you would like with complaints from staff, parents, officials, and other coaches?  Are you in need of some re-energizing, positive thinking and application of good attitudes, need a challenging perspective on how to assess yourself more so than others?  Leadership & Legacy, LLC will provide you with a refreshing perspective and outlook on your youth sports and youth group climate as well as an overall re-focusing on life in general.  Let us come inspire and motivate you, your coaches , leaders, and staff to move to more positive thinking to foster better relationship building and collaboration to create a more positive experience for everyone involved.



Fees (maximum audience size of 100 people)


                                    20 minutes                                    $  200

                                    40 minutes                                    $  400

                                    1 hour                                            $  650




Consulting Services



Consultations can be either one-on-one sessions for personal growth (at work, in personal life, or both) or group/organization-oriented sessions for growth of a group or the entire organization.  Both types of sessions are designed to engage the leader/group in thought and conversation to self-assess, plan, and initiate small changes that bring about highly effective and positive results in the day to day approach to working with co-workers, organizing and managing tasks and the necessary allocations, satisfying customers, and overall work effectiveness and efficiency.  The self-assessment aspect will become the most effective tool to the organization, leader and coach, as they will find it guiding them to the proper change and in the proper areas of the organization while creating an environment that is more open and soliciting of feedback from others.  Consultations are designed to move leaders and groups to the top of Maslow’s Pyramid of Hierarchy, reaching Self-Actualization by transforming the way they think about day to day, and moment to moment interactions with others.  Consultations will further help leaders arrive at and sustain the Dynamic Leader status they are truly capable of.                        



                        $ 75 per hour per session (Group / Organizational Growth)

                        $ 60 per hour per session (One-on-One Personal Growth - Organizational Leaders)        

                        $ 45 per hour per session (One-on-One Personal Growth - Coaches)


*Consulting sessions for Organizational Leaders and Coaches are one-on-one sessions designed to help leaders in the areas they want to improve on.  It will include consultation from our organization on best practices and implementation of strategies that foster a collaborative leading/coaching structure when working in collabortion with parents and others volunteering as assistant group leaders and athletic coaches.




Dynamic Coaching & Group Leader Clinic (Youth Sports Groups)



Have you never coached or led a youth group before, and are a little nervous to work with other children and parents?  Or have heard some of the horror stories and are a bit nervous of how to juggle it all?  Have you coached or led a youth group before before and things didn’t quite go to plan?  Have you had to endure even one ounce of stress from parents, players, umpires, or an opposing coach or co-worker when the experience should simply be fun, engaging, and life-skill building for your group?  Or are you simply looking for new coaching leadership strategies and drills/activities that help keep all players and youth participants engaged and working together?  Then this is clinic for you!


Clinic director and facilitator, Matt Allner, has spent his life around sports, in the classroom as a teacher, and beyond as a psychology research scientist and graduate school professor, and fully understands what you are going through.  He has devoted his life to children and the care and education of others, and has strong convictions and solid methods by which to teach, instruct, organize, and empower others in a way that gets them working with you, rather than against you.  His methods are based on simple and historical results of past leaders and coaches who found a way to motivate, inspire, and empower people around to move towards healthy collaboration and leadership that moves the “team” in the direction of their vision.  Come and be a part of this powerful and very new coaches clinic being offered.  It will be an experience you won’t forget and one you don’t want to miss!


     Clinic Highlights and Deliverables  (Topics below can be modified specifically for Youth Group Leaders)


-So you want to coach youth sports?

-What motivates people to do what it is they want, or like, to do? (The real secret to motivating people)

-Organizing yourself as a coach:How am I supposed to coach and manage at the same time?

-Head coach and Assistant Coaches vs. Co-Coaches:A New Philosophy in Leadership

-Helping your players and parents develop effective communication skills

-The most important practice is the first one of the season:Are you ready for it?You never get a second chance to make a first impression

-Getting your parents to work with you and not against you

-New ideas for practice drills and working in small groups

-Applications of skills on the field with parents and players (afternoon practice session to attend to see application of methods in action!)


* Prices below include the following deliverables:

     -  Pre-season Coaches Survey

     -  Pre-season Coaches Training Clinic (topics listed above) (3 hours)

     -  Mid-season Coaches Review Training (1 - 1.5 hours)

     -  Post-season Survey (Coaches, Parents, & Officials), Data Analysis, and Feedback Discussion with Program Leaders

  (There are also options to reduce the cost of the training by reducing some of the duration of the pre- and mid-season

   training session times)



     Billing Structure (First Pilot Group Fee)


First group of up to 10 coaches                                    $  850              ($85 / coach)


* I will cover all the costs for all print material (handouts, etc.)



     Training Packages


1 Group of up to 20 coaches                                       $1600              ($80 / coach)



3 - 7 Groups of up to 20 coaches each                     $1400              ($70 / coach)



8 + Groups of up to 20 coaches each                       $1200              ($60 / coach)



* Incidentals Fee (Price per session)                        $ 100             


* Additional Coach Added (above 20)                        $ 100



** Group pricing above is a flat rate.  It will be the responsibility of the Youth Sports Organization to make the necessary efforts to fill the session


** We will cover all the costs for all print material (handouts, etc.)


** For single group training sessions (this includes a Pilot Group), a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the service fee will be due two weeks prior to the start of each of the agreed upon pre-season training session.  The remaining balance will be due at the start of the pre-season training session.


** For packages of two or more group training sessions, a non-refundable deposit totaling 40% of the total package amount will be due two weeks prior to the start of the first pre-season training session of the package purchased.  The remaining balance for each individual session (the remaining 60% of the session price along with the $100 incidentals fee and any additional coaches being added to the maximum 20 for the session) will then be due at the start of each respective pre-season training session.

Founder Matt Allner explains how Maslow's Pyramid of Hierarchy provides an understanding of how we can reach our full potential